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    Application, Hope it's the information you guys need :)


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    Application, Hope it's the information you guys need :) Empty Application, Hope it's the information you guys need :)

    Post  Layzie on Fri Mar 25, 2011 3:07 am

    1. Character: Layzie Itemlvl:354 (Rogue85) Barsken:Itemlvl 357 (Warrior85) Alt: Death Knight (83) And Paladin/Shaman 40+
    Layzie and Barsken's Proffesions - Layzie: Enchanting 520. and Jewelcrafting 525. Barsken: Mining 525 and Alchemist 525.
    2. Talents: Rogue speccs. Combat is main specc and Subletly is Of specc for pvp Smile
    Warrior speccs. Main specc Fury (Single minded Fury) and Protection specc for possible tanking needs.

    3. Raiding Experience: Started playing wow at the start of Vanilla wow, got a raiding guild named United
    on the server called Neptulon, we had cleared all Mc, Bwl, onyxia and Ahn Qiraj. Smile After this i had a little
    Break from wow until Tbc came, i played that for a while and got experience in Gruuls Lair, Karazhan and Magtheridon's lair.
    Had another break after this and started when WOTLK came out. I started a dk wich i still have today. Didnt raid much in Wotlk days, because
    i started kinda late after the game was realeased, but got in some raids like Trial of the grand crusader and the raid located in
    Wintergrasp. Nothing else Sad Now ive been playing Cataclysm since the start, and have experience of downing Pit lord, Magmaw, Halfus, valiona&theralion and council.
    Know tactics for Both Cho'gal and Defense system. Even the first boss of Throne of the four winds.
    Havent got the rest of the bosses. Because of the guild is pretty stuck.

    4 - Would like to get into a mature and progressing guild wich you guys seem to be, im loyal and helpful and want the best for my guildies Smile

    5 - I can raid Almost everyday, im currently without a In real life job atm, so i have much spare time for raiding.
    I can raid everyday if you need, but not every weekends. Sunday is a perfekt gaming day tho!

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    Application, Hope it's the information you guys need :) Empty Re: Application, Hope it's the information you guys need :)

    Post  Lighto on Fri Mar 25, 2011 3:37 am

    Welcome Layzie,

    I'll have my Rogue Class Master check you out, he's also my officer and we'll get back to you shortly.


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