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    Paladinea - Tankadin Empty Paladinea - Tankadin

    Post  Paladinea on Sat Mar 19, 2011 2:48 am

    Well, here's my little apply Smile

    1) Character Name and level;Paladinea, lvl 85
    2) Specs;Protection, Retribution(pvp
    3) Raiding experience;BH,BWD(4/6),BoT(2/4)+ vanilla,tbc,wotlk=all Razz
    4) Guild ambitions (PvE (Raiding), PvP);Wanna have fun and progress with the guild in raids, RBG would be awesome!
    5) Alts (that you want to bring in the guild, if you have any);Not really.
    6) Current item level and progression activities (like if you are farming hcs, or normals or some kind of rep for enchants);Pve:352 PvP:355 , Doing daily Hc's when I have time and playing arena.
    7) Time/days/hours available for guild events.I am avaible almost every day a weeek, allthough on tuesdays im fullbooked. I prefer raiding on mondays, wednesdays, sundays between 21-00.00 but doesn't really matter too much. Smile

    Well as final words I just wanna say that im a social, experienced, mature and dedicated 19 year old swedish player!(long sentence, I know^^)

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    Paladinea - Tankadin Empty Re: Paladinea - Tankadin

    Post  Lighto on Sat Mar 19, 2011 10:55 am

    Hey Pal,

    I'll speak with my officers (they are incharge of recruiting) and we'll scheduale a time for us to meet up and check each other and if we see that your raid ready, we'll raid togather and see for ourselves.

    We should have an alt run tomorrow, so that will be a good timing for it.

    Talk to you soon,


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