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    Dyanias - Arms Warrior Empty Dyanias - Arms Warrior

    Post  Dyanias on Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:37 am

    1) Character Name and level; Dyanias, lvl 85

    2) Specs; Arms (both PvE and PvP) + poor protection spec

    3) Raiding experience; 4/6 BWD - 2/4 BoT - 1.5/2 Tot4W
    -Most of this was done on my alt: Cadance.
    -I've played since vanilla, cleared pretty much all content in previous expansions.

    4) Guild ambitions (PvE (Raiding), PvP); First, I'm a casual PvPer, occasionally join my friend Athanea for some 2v2 matches, and that's pretty much it. - I'm a PvE-er. If I were to get an invite, I would join any raid with you guys, regardless of it being with the core group or not.

    5) Alts (that you want to bring in the guild, if you have any); Cadance, my holy paladin. She has been my main for a good three years now. (I consider Dyanias my main eversince he hit 85)

    6) Current item level and progression activities (like if you are farming hcs, or normals or some kind of rep for enchants); I've got an item level of 352. I've got everything from heroics, all rep epics, couple of BoE epics.
    My gear is always enchanted/gemmed to perfection (except for the overpriced Landslide enchant)
    I've started raiding on both Dyanias and Cadance.
    7) Time/days/hours available for guild events.

    I'm at school most of the week, available on most evenings (see below)
    Monday: I sport from 7-9(ish) on this day
    Tuesday: No school/work. available the entire day
    Wednesday: Sports again, 7-9(ish)
    Thursday: School 'til 5 only
    Friday: School 'til 5
    Saturday: Free the entire day
    Sunday: see saturday

    Also, Lighto has asked me before to join you guys after I joined a semi-guild run from Alter Ego (about 2 months ago)
    Back then I couldn't accept as I was in a guild with friends, I recently left that guild because there wasn't any progress (if there were raids at all). I guild hopped to another guild and this guild isn't really raiding either.

    Finally, I'd like to say that after hearing positive stories from Athanea about his last raid with you guys I decided to apply aswell. We've played together for the past 5 years, progressed together, wiped together, cried together. It would break my heart to be in a different guild than him.

    One last thing; I'm Dutch.

    I'll be alt-f5ing this from time to time to see if there are any questions.

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    Dyanias - Arms Warrior Empty Re: Dyanias - Arms Warrior

    Post  Hidori on Wed Mar 16, 2011 1:19 am


    Firstly I want to say thanks for making such a detailed application, I can see that you put your mind to it and made it very informative.

    After that I want to tell you that currently we have a warrior (myself) and a holy paladin (Xtroy) that are filling the corresponding dps/healing roles. Altho I am a tank aswell as a dps, and I don't mind another warrior dps, we still have a total of 2 active melee dps (ONLY dps), 3 dps/tank (that's if I count Athanea, Hidori and Lighto (who is not as active)) and 1 tank/caster dps (Starfrost-since today). This means that sometimes there might be a risk of becoming too melee heavy, which sadly does not work well with the current Cataclysm raids.

    What I want to say is that I can't 100% promise you a raid spot in the 1st raiding group Sad I am trying to run a second raiding group every week, which consists of alts of some of the 1st team and trials. So while I can't promise you a raid in the first group, there will always be a spot in the second. The problem with the second is that some ppl accept and don't show up or don't reply at all, but since we have 3 new members with alts aswell, I would say that we just sorted that problem.

    We certainly need fresh blood. People have real lifes and they are not always available, so having some1 to back us up is really nice. If we have more active and more fit ppl for 1st raiding team we are thinking of a rotation of sorts - switching ppl between 1st and 2nd raiding group so we keep it fair to everyone and in the meantime progress effectively. This is currently only a thought because we simply don't have that many active GOOD raiders, but may soon change.

    Sorry for the overly long response, but since you made a very adequate application I wanted to give you the same detailed answer.

    We have to discuss between the 3 officers and guild leader for your apply but you have +1 from me - if you are okay with the conditions.

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    Dyanias - Arms Warrior Empty Re: Dyanias - Arms Warrior

    Post  Dyanias on Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:59 pm

    That's no problem for me, as atm, I'm not doing any raiding _at all_.
    And I just enjoy being in an active guild, and I know that you're an active guild (40 min heroic queues tend to get boring when you have no one to talk to).

    Also, Athanea talked to you last night, and you told him the guild's current situation, so I knew what to expect before even applying.

    P.S. Sorry for the late response, I went to bed early yesterday. Wink

    edit: typo's


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    Dyanias - Arms Warrior Empty Re: Dyanias - Arms Warrior

    Post  Xtroy on Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:27 pm

    Sounds good for me ^^ Smile

    is you're wife tied up?

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