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    Athanea - application.


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    Athanea - application. Empty Athanea - application.

    Post  Athanea on Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:02 am

    Evening, hereby my application as requested by Hidori.

    1) Character Name and level; Athanea

    2) Specs; Blood (Tank) & Frost (DPS)

    3) Raiding experience; Vanilla: MC & AQ20, BWL up to (not including) Nef. TBC: BT up to and including Reliquary of Souls, Mount Hyjal up to and including Azgalor. WotLK: Naxx, Ulduar, ToC & ICC cleared on normal modes, no hardmodes done. Cataclysm: BoT + T4W cleared, BWD 5/6.

    4) Guild ambitions (PvE (Raiding), PvP); Raiding Team 1 PvE. For PvP I have different characters ;-)

    5) Alts (that you want to bring in the guild, if you have any); Plenty of alts available, not bringing any of them with me though. Yevin - DPS Warrior/Tank, Demoni - Warlock and Exemplify - Resto Shaman (+PvP Resto) are the ones at 85 at the moment of writing.

    6) Current item level and progression activities (like if you are farming hcs, or normals or some kind of rep for enchants); Current iLvl 354, progression activities have been raiding with you guys for the past two weeks and some PvPing on the Shammy Smile

    7) Time/days/hours available for guild events. Available on Mondays (though usually only after 9 - 'till the end), Wednesday (19:00-end), Thursday (19:00-end), Friday (albeit the same as Monday, though can be available if planned early - 'till the end) Sunday 19:30ish onwards - end (late dinner).

    For any further information regarding me, be it personal or gamingwise, don't hestitate to ask.


    P.S.: I'm Dutch so half the guild should take that as a +1 from what I've seen Wink

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    Athanea - application. Empty Re: Athanea - application.

    Post  Hidori on Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:08 am

    Good! Thanks for the info, well appreciated ^_^ I think all of our raiders are allready familliar with you so I don't see a reason to deley your invite Smile

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